The following divisions will be on offer at the 2018 ARNOLD CLASSIC AFRICA.


GROUP A - FRIDAY 18 MAY 2018 (9:00am)

Junior Women’s Bikini-Fitness                     One open category (16- 23 years)


Women’s Fitness                                          One open category


Men’s Fitness                                               One open category


Women’s Physique                                       Up to 163 cm

                                                                     Over 163 cm


Women’s Bodyfitness                                   Up to 158 cm

                                                                     Up to 163 cm

                                                                     Up to 168 cm

                                                                     Over 168 cm


Women’s Bikini-Fitness                                Up to 160 cm

                                                                     Up to 163 cm

                                                                     Up to 166 cm

                                                                     Up to 169 cm

                                                                     Up to 172 cm

                                                                     Over 172 cm


Muscular Men’s Physique                             One open category


Womens Wellness Fitness                            Up to 163 cm

                                                                      Over 163 cm

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