Chanel Erwee

Fitness Bikini

1. Where did your fitness journey begin?

In 2013 when I was 17 years old. I went to a local gym, Wayne’s Gym. Wayne’s Gym is Wayne Price gym, IFBBSA President. Michelle and Wayne Price told me about the Bodybuilding industry and helped me to prepare for my first show. I won the first Novice show I did in North West and liked the sport. I knew this was a sport I can excel in and challenge myself to do better each day. I set goals for myself and with the help from coaches and the support from my family and the IFBB federation I reached my main goal as an Amateur and that was to become an IFBB Pro. Now that I’m an IFBB Elite Pro, I have new goals. It’s a new chapter and I look forward to the fitness  journey that lies ahead.


2. Who or what is your inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my family. I have never done a show without my family backing me up. There is a lot of sacrifices that needs to be made when I prepare for a show. I am blessed to have a family that supports me 100%. They sacrifice there own time to help me prepare my food and support me financially to do the shows I want. My family does not want me to miss an opportunity and always seek the best for me, that is why they inspire me the most. I find my motivation by knowing that I am not alone and I have a family who sacrifices their own time and money to support me.


3. What is your motto or your favourite quote?

“Don’t expect more then you work for.”


4. What is your favourite exercise?

I love swimming. Something about being in the water makes me calm. I feel great after a few laps in the pool.


5. Did you enjoy your journey as an IFBB SA Amateur Athlete, and why?

I enjoyed my journey as an IFBB SA Amateur. I am proud to say that I am part of a federation that does so much for their athletes. I was Invited to compete in my first ever World Championships last year and IFBB SA paid for the SA’s bodybuilding team flight tickets, accommodation and registration to go to the Junior and Masters Wold Championship in Romania. As an amateur I have grown by doing as much shows as I can and learned by every experience.


6. What would you still like to achieve in your fitness journey?

I would like to go to the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships. I would like to keep inspiring and motivate woman to exercise daily and live a healthy lifestyle and love themselves by doing so.