Carlos Nunes

Open Men's Bodybuilding

1. Where did your fitness journey begin?

Where did your fitness journey begin? in 1989 at the age of 16, my first show was the South African McKirby show at Zionist Hall in JHB.


2. Who or what is your inspiration?

Back then it was Franko Columbo because he was short like I am and now it is Lee Labrada.


3. What is your motto or your favourite quote?

Don't show up to get everything, show up and give everything!


4. What is your favourite exercise?

Hack Squats


5. Did you enjoy your journey as an IFBB SA Amateur Athlete, and why?

Most definitely, I have been with the IFBB from day one, 29 years, the shows and federation are professional and it has always been about the athlete and what the federation can do to make it better for the athlete. The opportunities afforded to me as an amateur athlete would not have been possible without the IFBB.


6. What would you still like to achieve in your fitness journey?

I want to qualify for the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.